Tyler Steer


Tyler comes to Equity with a great background in the industry. Tyler held a real estate License With Keller Williams from 2005-2005. As Presidential Gardens’ Apt. Manager, he performed all management and leasing activities as well as oversaw supervision of the maintenance crew. While a member of management of Rent Rolls TDK Remodel Inc.,  he was in charge of acquisition and management of commercial and residential investment properties, cost estimation and contractor selection, and overseeing day to day operations. Before that, he was with Landman handling title examination and lease acquisitions in North Dakota, Kansas and Oklahoma, examination of title from patent to present, negotiation with mineral owners in acquisition of leasehold interest, preparation of lease purchase reports, preparation of ownership reports. With BTI Services as a field sales rep, Tyler maintained customer relations with multiple clients in an ongoing effort to meet clients day to day operations in the oil and gas field.